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Letting your dog sleep in your bed

The personal opinions on this issue differ greatly. In addition to hygiene and emotional aspects, there are often dominance problems. In this article you will learn what experts report and whether there are relevant answers to this question. What is your opinion on this subject? Write to us at infomail@meradog.co.za.

Is your dog lying to you?

As loving pet owners, you will probably say, “No, surely not.” This is certainly also due to the fact that we connect people with lies, moral dilemmas often lead people to lie. Nevertheless, we noticed some interesting examples on the matter, so we decided to get to the bottom of it. What we uncovered in […]

What is your dog’s real age?

Is the actual age of your dog his or her biological age? If you have asked this question before, then this article is for you. Like us humans, the age of the dog is relative. But what exactly is “old age” and what are its consequences? How old is your dog compared to human years?

Why Dogs eat grass?

This canine phenomenon is not only a mystery to dog owners, but also to researchers. The fact is that 90% of all dogs eat grass on occasion. The reasons for this behavior, however, have several explanations, such as: “Dogs eat grass to to induce vomiting” or “It could be an indication of insufficient minerals or […]

Are Dogs colour blind?

Our investigation into this topic was most interesting! We felt that people’s opinions on this topic are often mistaken, enough of a reason to shed light in to the darkness today. But what is actually correct? Do dogs recognise colours and if they do – which ones? What relevance do colours have to Agility, dog […]