Is the actual age of your dog his or her biological age? If you have asked this question before, then this article is for you.

Like us humans, the age of the dog is relative. But what exactly is “old age” and what are its consequences?

How old is your dog compared to human years?

Age is relative. This is also the case with us humans, so remember this principle when talking about age. The actual age is simply not always equivalent to the biological age. Habits, genes and way of life therefore only allow for an estimate of the true age.

As a guideline for being considered a senior dog, keep in mind the following rules:

Small Breeds: from 8 years and older

Medium breeds: from 7 years and older

Large breeds: from 6 years and older

The table below tells you how old your pet is in contrast to humans:

Dogs weight in KG2 – 1011 – 2526 – 40> 40
Dogs ageAge in human years

What are signs of old age in dogs?
The following list gives you an indication of what can occur during old age in dogs:

  • Declining adaptability
  • Increased morbidity
  • cell damage, accumulation of “waste materials”
  • Impaired immune response
  • Impairment of different organ systems
  • Reduced physical activity
  • Higher body fat levels
  • Conversion of the endocrine system

The most common diseases of aging dogs are:

  • Chronic kidney failure
  • Heart failure
  • Obesity
  • Weight Loss

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