meradog sleeping in bed

The personal opinions on this issue differ greatly.

In addition to hygiene and emotional aspects, there are often dominance problems.

In this article you will learn what experts report and whether there are relevant answers to this question.

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The answer to whether this question can be answered easily or not is clear – no!

The question of whether the dog belongs in the bed or not is an often debated subject on many forums. The answers regarding the pros and cons also greatly depend on Men and Women. It is the fault of the owner and not the dog that there is a drama every evening. The dog has just had his cookie in a warm, cosy bed. He is just about to fall asleep when he is rudely thrown out of the bed by his master. In addition to the outrage of the dog, often the abuse of the mistress of the house follows.

It should be noted that the discussion of this issue is on two levels:

it not only has something to do with the size or nature of the dog’s fur, but also the emotional and rational level. To reach a consensus is almost impossible.

Hygiene and dominance problems form the basis of the arguments for or against the dog in the bed.

Scientific studies show that in terms of hygiene in relation to risk of infection, often the go-ahead can be given. Contact with dogs and their micro-organisms are found to even strengthen the immune system. This is consistent with what allergists see: an increase in allergies if our environment is kept artificially low in bacteria. This makes our immune system lack the necessary training.

Assuming the dog is vaccinated, flea and tick free and otherwise cared and groomed for properly, may he then be in your bed? Actually yes, except that there is still the possibility of dominance problems.

In order to explain the behaviour of our dogs, experts have always drawn from the behaviour of wolves to compare them. So alpha wolves have a sleeping place isolated from the rest of the pack and relatively elevated. For lower-ranking wolves, it is a privilege just to be in the vicinity of the pack leader to sleep.

This knowledge could mean that our position as “pack leader” could be in jeopardy if the dog is allowed sleep in the bed. Many dogs who have this privilege may get out of hand as they feel the need to extend their privileges. More dominant characters will try the “executive chair” and may make threatening gestures to those who try to get him off the bed.

No question that these signs should be nipped in the bud. For most dogs, this will hopefully be followed up by certain restrictions.

As you can see, there is indeed no general answer to this question. Each of you is certain to have your own opinion on this issue.

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